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Tuesday 7th July

Spellings: Today I have a different picture for you to read, cover, spell and colour. 

Activity 2: Word Families Look at your common exception word list. Have you notices that some of the words contain the same string of letters - for example door, floor and poor ? Group the words into families with the same letter string. Extra challenge - Can you add any extra words to the word families which are not on this list?

Maths:Well done to Skylarks 1 for winning the final tournament yesterday. The top four players were Isaac, Harrison, Emile and Henry. Well done to Skylarks 2,  your top players were Eloise, Jessie-Mai, Arthur and Katie. I hope you have enjoyed our weekly multiplication tournaments and hopefully you have become quicker with your multiplication and division facts over the last few months. 

This week we are going to be thinking about position and direction. Today we are going to be using language to change position and then the rest of the week we are going to be using our knowledge of turning and moving to write algorithms to 'code' in computing. 

Click through this powerpoint to learn about the different vocabulary used to describe turning and changing positions. 


To make sure you have a good understanding of the language used and the concept of turning,  select a level of challenge for you to complete today. Click on the example question to upload more questions.

                     Bronze                                                Silver                                                   Gold