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Tuesday 30th June


Spellings: Set your timer for 5 minutes and see how many times you can write out your spelling words in the 5 minutes. Make sure you are forming your letters properly! 

Common Exception Words Activity: 

Using this week's spellings,  can you write out the sentences and fill in the missing words? 

Suffix Spellings: We have spent many weeks learning different spellings which have suffixes, so we are going to have some daily activities which will test your understanding of using suffixes and making up different words using suffixes.

English: On Friday you designed your own Superhero cuffs (click on yesterday's page for some examples) and yesterday you created your own Superhero pet. Here are some examples.

Today I would like you to think about making up a superhero name for yourself.  
 1. Write your first superhero name (you could shorten your own name or make up a new superhero name)

 2. Choose an adjective from the list below or think of your own:

 3. Now think about your superpower. What are you really good at? Read the ideas below to help you. 

English / Art Activity: Now you have had some creative thinking time and you have a Superhero name, you know what your superpower is and you have designed your superhero cuffs it is time to share this with me. Can you either draw your superhero and describe your choices or can you make a model of your Superhero using a vegetable? 

Make your own Super Potato with Twinkl. – Special Educational Needs  Resources BlogMeet our Superhero Veg – Sonning Common Preschool


Well done Skylarks 1 for winning yesterday's tournament. The top four players were Isaac, Harrison, Emile and William. Well done to Skylarks 2 who only had four players playing from their team so did very well against Skylarks 1. The players were Arthur, Jessie- Mai, Katie and Jack L. Next Monday will be the last tournament in these teams. 

We are going to be learning about statistics. This will include how to collect, present and read data. To start with, let's refresh our memories with the meaning of ' tally' and 'frequency'. 



Select your level of challenge to test your understanding of making tally charts. Click on the level of challenge to upload the questions.

Bronze                                                  Silver                                               Gold 

Extra Challenge - Can you help Dick and Dom by solving their frequency questions?