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Tuesday 16th June

Spellings:   Have you got the game of scrabble? If so, can you find the letters to correctly spell your weekly spellings and see which word would score you the most points?

Here is a photo of my scrabble tiles if you don't have any so you can write out your spellings and then add up the points...



Well done to Skylarks 1 Team. The top four players were Isaac, Emile, Harrison and Henry. Another great high score by Skylarks 2 Team and the top four players were Jack L, Jessie- Mai, Eloise and Arthur. We will keep the same teams for next week so get practising your multiplication tables this week so you can be even quicker when typing them into the game. 

Last week we were looking at 2D shapes and hopefully you went on a hunt around your house to find examples of different shapes. Watch this lesson to revisit what you learnt about sides and vertices.



The BBC have uploaded some video clips where you will learn about the properties of 2D shapes and symmetry. I am aware that the symmetry link didn't work last week so it will be worth watching this on the BBC site. You do not need to complete the activities on the BBC site (unless you want to) just watch the clips. Hopefully you will be amazed at how much you actually know about 2D shapes and most of today's information will just be reminding you.

Activity: How good do you think you are at identifying shapes with lines of symmetry? Choose the appropriate level of challenge below to test your skills.

Bronze Click here for more questions to answer

Silver -  Click here for more Silver questions to answer

Gold -     Click here for more Gold questions to answer

English: Yesterday you used pictures of Monty hiding around the school to create descriptive sentences. I am going to share Eloise's excellent descriptive sentences for you all to read.

When we think about writing there are four different types of sentences: statement, command, question and exclamation sentences. Today, follow the activities on this BBC site to practise and learn more bout these different types of sentences.