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Wednesday 3rd June

Spellings: Common Exception Spellings. Watch the video and then have a go at writing out your weekly spellings like Monty.



Suffix: Click on the powerpoint below to remember how suffixes change the meaning of words. Today I would like you to write some sentences to show your understanding of this week's spelling words. Here is the example from the powerpoint - 

Look at the 'root' word and write a sentence, after write a another sentence adding the suffix and think how it changes the meaning of the word and the sentence structure. 

delight delightful
rude rudeness
clever cleverly
amaze amazement
thank thankless

English: We have been listening to an ancient Greek myth - Pandora's Box. Apollo was also a Greek god of poetry. Today click on the link below and listen to a poem by Kit Wright called 'The Magic Box'.

Get a chair, like Kit in the clip, and perform the poem to an adult in your house or even a group of your favourite teddies. 

After reading and performing the poem, I would like you to pretend you are Mrs Shelley and have a discussion with the adults or your teddies and ask them these two questions below.


Then use your best handwriting to write some answers. Remember to use capital letters and full stops. Extra challenge - Can you use an apostrophe to show possession and an apostrophe for a contraction in your answers? 

Maths: To warm up your maths brain practise counting in groups of 10 by climbing your stairs and counting 10 more on each step, or grabbing a skipping rope and see how high you can count in tens before you stop skipping, or try bouncing or catching a ball and count in groups of 10. You might think of your own idea?

As you are now confident using your 10 times table, today you are going to use this knowledge to solve reasoning and problem solving questions.  Click on the appropriate level for your understanding and remember if you find the questions too difficult or too easy then you can always click on a different level. Answer the question and then click next to the question for more problems to solve.


       Click here for more BRONZE questions.


 Click here for more SILVER Questions 



Click here for more GOLD questions.