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Wednesday 1st July


Monty is enjoying our Superhero work and he enjoyed making his superhero costume. He keeps escaping from doing his work and says he is off to save the world! 

Spellings : Set your timer for 5 minutes and see how many times you can write out your spelling words in the 5 minutes. Did you manage to write more than yesterday? 

Common Exception Words

Daily Suffix Activity:

English: Here are some Superhero Potatoes -

Sonic - Football powers                                                                   Wicked Wilbur - Walk on water        


E-Bee - Super sticky hands


Today I would like you to PLAN your own Superhero rescue story using your Superhero character and pet. You can be as creative as you like with your story or you can listen to the superhero story we listened to at the start of this work  and use it as a base for your story (click here to listen) and just change it to fit your superhero powers. 

Remember when planning you only want to write down key words. It is one of the only times Mrs Shelley does not want you to write full sentences using capital letters and full stops! 

I have uploaded a template if you find this easier to plan your ideas. 

Maths: A simple tally chart game to warm up your brains

Click on the powerpoint below and read through the slides. Have a go at answering the questions before clicking onto the next slide. 

Tally Chart Powerpoint

Click on the level of challenge below to answer problem solving and reasoning questions involving tally charts. Make sure you read the problems carefully.

Bronze                                                                   Silver                                                              Gold

Geography: Today I would like you to learn about different types of settlements - cities, towns and villages. Watch the clips for the lesson but don't worry about completing the written activities (Tasks 1& 2) but you might want to play the game (Task 3). However, make sure you scroll down to the very bottom and watch Oceans - Migration with David Attenborough.