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Wednesday 17th June

Spellings: Common Exception words

Suffix: You are learning lots of spellings using different suffixes. Watch this BBC clip to learn more about suffixes.

Maths: Yesterday you were identifying lines of symmetry in shapes. Today I would like you to click this link to an online ''shape blocks' app ( it also is tablet friendly) and create your own shape pattern but it must be symmetrical.

Bronze - your pattern should have 1 line of symmetry ( either horizontal or vertical) 

Silver - your pattern needs to have  2 lines of symmetry (a horizontal and a vertical line of symmetry).

This is the app but I suggest you click on the red circled 'i' to find out what you can do to move, resize, colour etc the shape blocks and I found it easier to click the other red circle icon as it gave my screen grid lines so I could make my symmetrical pattern accurate. 

Make sure you challenge yourself and you try and make a complicated symmetrical pattern such as...





English: Another important skill to develop when reading is retrieving and recording information. Today I have uploaded some reading tasks to practise this skill. Choose the appropriate level for your reading understanding. 

Bronze - 

 Click here for the BRONZE reading task.

Silver - 

Click here for the SILVER reading task.

Gold - 

Click here for the GOLD reading task.

Science Challenge