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Tuesday 2nd June

Spellings: Log onto J2E and practise your spellings by playing Spell Blast. You have to click on ' shared spellings' to find this week's spelling list. There are two lists - Common Exception Words and Suffix. 

Once you have practised your spellings, have a go at writing your own sentences using this week's words.  Challenge - Can you write a question and use a question mark?

Suffix: Once you have practised your spellings use 'Spell Blast' then write out your spellings by making shape words. Monty will remind you how to do this. Look carefully at the shape each word makes as you will need to know this for later in the week.

English: Before the half term holiday we listened to a myth, can you remember the name the myth? 

Listen to the myth again if you can't remember the story.

Can you write the title of this myth using an apostrophe? 

Can you remember how to use an apostrophe? We learnt about this a few weeks back when Monty sent you around your house to find objects and write lists of who the object belonged to. Watch this clip to refresh your memory about apostrophes.



Activity: If you are still a little unsure how to use an apostrophe for possession then have a go at these questions below (4a & 6a). Write the sentences out in your home learning books.

If you are confident using apostrophes then proceed to activity 2. 

Activity 2: If you understand how to use apostrophes then take this KS2 quiz and afterwards complete the 'Plural or Possession'  PDF below. Good Luck.

Maths:  What a close battle - only 11 points difference! 

Well done Skylarks 2, your top players were Isaac, Jack and Jack. The top players for Skylarks 1 were Emile, Harrison and Arthur but it was good to see a couple of players who have not taken part in many tournaments join in and contribute towards the final score for both teams. As this was a very close tournament I am going to keep the teams identical for next week and then we will have a move about. 

To warm up your maths brain take this quiz about number facts to 20.

Listen to this lesson and remember to pause it when asked and complete the question. 



Click here to listen to the ten times table song with Webster the  Spider

Activities: Select the level below depending how confident you are with your 10 times table facts. 

Bronze - Work through the activities from the BBC Bite size resources 

Silver - Click here 

Gold - Click here 

Weekly Science Activity: PARACHUTE CHALLENGE 

LEGO Simple Machine Ideas | Little Bins for Little Hands

This week’s science challenge is to make parachutes from different materials and test which one is the most effective.  Click on the PDF below for the lesson.