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Thursday 25th June

Spellings: This word search has this week's spellings, some words from previous weeks and some new words. I have uploaded as a PDF below if you prefer to work off line. 

Suffixes: To practise your spellings today we are going to try 'SPELL-ER-SIZE!' Pretend you are a cheerleader and call out the letters of your spelling words. Cheer up high for tall letters, hands on hips for middle letters and cheer low for the letters which go below the line. See how creatively you can move! 

English:  Read through the story you listened to yesterday and enjoy it. I have uploaded it below if you prefer not to read on a screen and you want to print it out. 

Playground Rescue

It was an ordinary day. Jo was on her own in the backyard, kicking a football into the makeshift goal that she’d once scratched into the wall with the edge of a sharp stone. She was dreaming of a time when she would play for the local football team again. Raja was covered in paint. She’d been busy occupying her brothers and sisters while her mum tried to get her work done, and Sammy, in the meantime, slept soundly in his basket. One of his enormous ears had flopped over his eye, his favourite squeaky bacon toy was trapped beneath a podgy paw and his droopy eyelids flickered as he chased wasps in his dreams.

Activity in the local park was ordinary too, or so it seemed. Children played on the playground whilst adults chattered, groups of teenagers were gathering, and joggers sprinted along the paths.  

“HELP! HELP!” came a sudden shout from the playground.

Jo’s legs and feet began to tingle. Raja’s drawing hand pulled her towards a paint brush and Sammy stretched, turned over noisily and went back to sleep!  As Jo and Raja left their homes, they changed. Jo Awesome’s blue cape glided behind her as she dashed towards the park, activating her super-booster to help her get there more quickly. Raja Extraordinary’s red cuffs glowed as she desperately held onto the flying paintbrush.

They arrived at the park at the same time, “What’s the problem?” panted Jo.

“Follow me!” Raja called over her shoulder as the paintbrush dragged her towards the playground.

As Raja and Jo reached the edge of the playground, they could see that a crowd had gathered at the bottom of the spider’s web climbing frame.  Children giggled and pointed, and adults stared up in silence. “Look!” whispered Jo, nodding her head towards the top of the spider’s web. 

Raja followed her gaze up to a small, snivelling child who was dangling from the top of the climbing frame with one hand, about to fall!   

“This one’s mine!” declared Jo …

Quick as a flash, Raja painted a mini trampoline which Jo used to bounce up and over the crowd and then grabbed the child as she somersaulted them both down to safety. With the crowd’s whoops and cheers buzzing in their ears, Jo raced home while Raja flew back to her house on the flying carpet she’d painted. Jo returned to ordinary Jo playing keepy-uppy in the back yard and Raja returned to ordinary Raja cleaning up the painting mess she’d left behind.

And as for Sammy, an alarm sounded in his head and his ears pricked up.  Someone somewhere was crying.  They needed to talk and Sammy Exceptional to listen…

Activity: Have a think about what you liked and disliked about the story.  Let's see how well you understood this story by answering my questions, remember to write in complete sentences when answering. As normal, I have uploaded if you prefer to print the questions.

Maths:  How much knowledge do you have on 3D shapes? Can you complete this challenge?

Select your level of challenge and see if you can sort the 3D shapes. Click on the sheet to upload a PDF copy.

        Bronze                                                                Silver                                                  Gold