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Wednesday 8th July

Spellings: Read, cover, say and then colour in the picture to practise more of the common exception words.

Activity 2:  Read the words and can you work out the missing letters. You can either do this verbally by saying the words from the screen or if you click this link you can download the words and write the missing letters.


Maths/ Computing:  Today we are going to think about using turns to write block coding in computing. You will need to know that a right angle turn is 90 degrees. We love a song to help us learn our maths, so here is one about angles!



Today we are going to use this knowledge about angles and turning to create some block coding.  Watch this lesson about how to use block coding in J2E.

Log onto J2E and click -  then   and you will see I have shared the example shown on the lesson for you to look at and the blank coding for you to experiment with. You may have to scroll down the page to find the templates.


Activity: Task 1 -  Experiment with making the rocket move around using the move and turn blocks. Can you make a square? What angle of turn will you need for the right angles?

Task 2- Move the rocket to the moon and back to its start position. How many different ways can you make the rocket land on the moon and return? Can you experiment with changing to a new background and changing the rocket sprite? Are you able to rename and resize the sprite?

Challenge - Using the repeat block, experiment with making the rocket repeat its actions.

Remember to save your work and share your final copy with me (ces51).

Science Activity: Ice Rescue Challenge

Click on the PDF for instructions. Have fun!