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Wednesday 6th May

Spellings: To practise all the common exception words so far I have PDF a word search below for you to complete.  


Click on the link to learn about the suffix -ly.

Make sure you take the quiz at the end.

English:  Hopefully you have written your own ideas of how to get the woolly mammoth down from the tree. Today, enjoy listening to the end of the story to find out how it ends. You can always click back on yesterday's learning page to listen to the start of the story if you can't remember it. Also, just to see Monty play the drums! 



What a great story. I love the end of the story when it reads, Step Ten: Throw in the towel and SNUGGLE. 

This story is all about a set of instructions about how to wash a woolly mammoth. Today I would like you to read another set of instructions and see if you can follow them to make your own woolly mammoth. If you do not have all the items on the list then I am sure you can be creative and use what you have at home. When reading the instructions see if you can spot the imperative verbs. Don't forget to share an image of your woolly mammoth with me. I have also put the instructions as a PDF if you wish to print them off.


Maths: Take this quiz to see how well you are learning addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Yesterday you watched a learning video all about fact families. Today select your level of challenge and answer the questions using fact family knowledge. You do not need to answer all levels, just select the appropriate level of challenge from below ( Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Science: We want you to use your scientific knowledge and make some predictions about what you think will happen when seeds are planted differently. Open the PDF below to learn more about the experiment. 

Remember to write down your predictions.