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Wednesday 6th May


The winner of the Battle of the Bands was …Kingfishers 2! Sorry, completely forgot to put this on yesterday :( 

I will play three games for the highest scoring children in Kingfishers 2- James, Will and Woody. There were only 10 coins in it between James and Will for 1st place!

A special mention again for Cecily, who was the highest scoring child in Kingfishers . I will play some games for you too 😊

Miss Hughes’ group – L.O. To find equivalent fractions

This is your last video session on equivalent fractions. You are moving on to looking at the links between equivalent fractions to find missing numerators and denominators. Look for patterns between these numbers to help you understand why fractions are equivalent. Look at the relationship between the numerator and the denominator, what do you notice? Does an equivalent fraction have the same relationship?

Watch the video below and then do the attached worksheet.




Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group – L.O. To write decimals

This session is all about writing decimals. As always, you will be using a place value grid to help you. The aim of this lesson is to read and write decimals and understand the value of each digit. You should be able to partition numbers with decimals in different ways. Use counters to help you and don’t forget to use zeros as place value holders where needed.

Watch the video below and then do the attached worksheet.



English: To write an adventure story.

Watch the video below about a little boy who is worried about going down a slide into a ball pit. Did you expect the slide to end where it did?

Your task today is to imagine and write about where you would like/or wouldn't like the slide to end. Don't forget to include lots of description. Will your story have a happy ending?



Art: To create a sculpture.

Mrs Postlethwaite has set you the brilliant task of creating a sculpture. Remember to think about proportions and upload them to j2e for us to see!