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Wednesday 29th April

Phonics: Look at the sentences below. I have rewritten the sentence ( green sentence) so that it includes an apostrophe to show possession.

Activity: Rewrite each sentence so that it includes an apostrophe to show possession. Questions (and answers) at the bottom of the page. 

Spellings: To practise your spellings either print off the words from the bottom of the page or practise your handwriting and write them out, then cut out the individual words and lay them face up. Read the words and then ask someone to turn a word over. You have to work out what the missing word is and then write it down. Afterwards check you have guessed the correct word and check to see if you have spelt the word correctly.  

English: Click the link below to learn about verbs.

Yesterday you researched about mammoths so you have a bit more of an understanding about these prehistoric animals. Today, I would like you to look again at the illustrations of how the little girl is trying to get the mammoth into the bath but you will notice there are no sentences, only nouns. Can you create exciting sentences to go with these illustrations, what verbs will you use? You might even think of your own unique method to get the mammoth into the bath, if so draw an illustration and write some sentences. How creative can you be? 

Extra challenge: Can you include adverbs into your sentences? Click the link for more information about adverbs.

Maths:  Order Lengths



Activity:  Click on the ordering questions below.

Weekly Science Challenge: Today I want you to learn about plants in more detail. Watch the clip about plants. 

Activity: Either draw your own plant and label it. Write sentences to explain the different functions or use the labels and information from the attached sheet and cut and stick it together.