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Wednesday 29th April

Hello Wrens

i was in school yesterday looking after some of the children of our Key Workers.  Mickey Thompson and Purvis came with me and had a very busy day.  They made a lovely banner to show the school's support for the NHS and found the biscuit tin.







They found the plant that you planted with Mrs Lench and Mrs Day.  Look how much it's grown!  We brought it home so we could look after it.

They also had a trip to the zoo!




Today we are thinking again about our story of Jack and  the Beanstalk.  There are two main characters in the story.  Can you remember who they are?

Today I would like you to draw a picture of each of these characters, each one on a separate piece of paper.  
Next think of some words to describe that character.    See if you can think of words to describe the outside (what they look like) and the inside (what their personality is like) of each character. 
Can you remember what we call describing words?

Write your words around the outside of your character.  Remember to use your sound mat to help you sound them out.  Have a look at the ones Purvis and Mickey Thompson made (with a bit of help from Annabel)!

Purvis drew Jack and Mickey Thompson drew the giant.


I have been very impressed hearing about the balance scales you have made and it sounds like you are making a great job of learning to use them and weigh objects using non standard units.

However, just like when we measure the length of things using the standard units of centimetres (cm) and metres (m) we also have standard units of measure we use when we weigh things.  These are called grams (g) and kilograms (kg).   A gram (g) is quite light and a kilogram (kg) is quite heavy.  It takes 1000 g to make 1 kg.   

To get an idea of how much g and kg weigh have a look at some food packets in you cupboards.  They should have the weight printed on them in g and kg.

Mickey Thompson and Purvis found 5 different packets in their cupboards and ordered them from lightest to heaviest.  Can you do the same?

Below there are 2 sheets for Reception to complete and 2 sheets for Year 1.  

Parents - when printing the sheets for Reception take care to print page 1 only as page 2 has the answers!

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)