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Wednesday 29th April

English: To use new vocabulary in sentences

I really hope you're all enjoying thr story. Today you will need to listen to chapters 8 & 9. Click the links below to access them. 

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

The work booklet is attached at the bottom of this page, all the information you need is there. I am really enjoying reading your work on j2e, so thank you to those children who are uploading work for me to see. If you're having trouble- click the speech bubble on a previous piece of work and let me know, and I will hopefully be able to help you. 



Miss Hughes’ group – L.O. To find equivalent fractions

Today’s lesson is all about equivalent fractions. Equivalent means ‘the same’ so you are going to be finding fractions that are worth the same but have different numerators and denominators. That might sound a little complicated but if you know your times tables, you will find it much easier. You might want to have a fraction wall to help you see which fractions are worth the same.

After you have found a few equivalent fractions, can you see a rule that you could use to help you?

Watch the video below and then try the attached activity sheet



Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group – L.O. To divide 1 or 2-digits by 100

Cast your mind back to before the Easter holidays. Do you remember dividing by 10? Do you remember which way the digits move? How many place value columns did you move the digits? Did the decimal point move? Hopefully you’ve just answered those questions in your head! Now, you are moving on to dividing by 100. You are still dividing so the digits move the same way (to the right), but how many place value columns do you think you are going to move the digits?

10 – move 1 column

100 – move ? columns

Watch the video linked below and then try the attached activity sheet.




Art: LO: Investigate proportions of the body.

Mrs Postlethwaite has put together a starter activity for you. Have a look at the link below to access the work sheet. It is a very helpful resource!