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Wednesday 25th March

English: L.O: To accurately punctuate direct speech and use foresight to make predictions.

Listen to chapter 4 of Pig Heart Boy on the Learning -> Stories section of the website (18 mins).

Listen out for the reference to ‘Pandora’s Box’!

Activity 1: Open up the file below called ‘Rules for Punctuating Direct Speech’ to remind you of these important writing rules.

Using the following extract from the previous chapter, re-write the conversation between Mum and Dad, punctuating it correctly, following the rules you have just read.

No, I won’t allow it! Mum raged. I recognised that tone of voice. It burnt like a laser. I winced, aware of how my dad would react to it. I wasn’t wrong. Don’t talk to me like that. I have some say in this too. And I’ve weighed up all the consequences. I’ve listed all the pros and cons. We don’t have any other choice— We? This has nothing to do with us. You went ahead and did this all on your own – as usual. Mum’s voice was lemon-bitter. You make it sound as if all I was doing was thinking of myself. Weren’t you? Of course not.

Activity 2: Chapter 4 ends with Cameron telling Dr Bryce that he would like to be considered for the transplant.

Continue the conversation between all four characters, using the important rules for direct speech. Write a minimum of 1 paragraph.

Maths: L.O: To interpret conversion graphs involving currencies.

Re-watch yesterday’s video on how to read and interpret conversion graphs if necessary.



  1. Continue with any unfinished work on converting measures.
  2. Complete Bronze, Silver OR Gold tasks on converting currencies attached below.
Geography: L.O: To research and comprehend the threats posed to an endangered species.

Activity: Finish any unfinished research and note-taking on your chosen endangered animal.

Check yesterday's page if you are unsure of my expectations.

If you finished this work yesterday, revisit your list of endangered species and have a go at conducting the same research into an additional species. Alternatively, I have attached some 'optional' Maths activities to the the bottom of this page (the answers to the mystery are at the very end so don't look until you have solved all the clues!)


At a time where we all find ourselves indoors for the most of the day, we should bare in mind how important daily exercise is for our health and wellbeing, particularly our mental health. If you are able to, take your device somewhere with plenty of space (even the garden on a nice sunny day) or clear some space in front of your computer and follow along with Joe Wicks for a 30 minute workout. I will definitely be doing the same!