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Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Wrens

Before we get started on our learning today  I wanted to let you know about some extra pages on the website.  Under Class pages we have added a new Sports page.  This contains lots of ideas to keep fit and healthy whilst we are not in school.  Friday 24 April 2020 is National Skipping Day so dig out your skipping ropes and join in.  Click on the link below and join in.

Under Class pages Mrs Shelley has also added an On-line Safety  page.  We are all spending more time online at the moment so we thought it would be useful to remind you of our E-safety rules.  Please have a look at this page for further information. 

Parents  - the Well-being during lock down page contains links where to get help and advice with any issues you may be experiencing during lock down.


Please see below for today's phonics learning.  There are also some Phase 3 and Phase 5 flashcards for you to print out and use.


Yesterday we practised measuring using non standard units.  Whilst this works for comparing the length or height of objects, it is not very accurate.  Therefore we have developed standard units of measure called centimetres (cm) and metres (m).  Today we are going to looking a using a ruler to measure things in cm.

Mickey Thompson and Purvis found a ruler and had a look at it.  The bigger lines show the cm.  Their ruler is  20 cm long.

The video below explains a little bit more about cm.



Now we are going to have a go at measuring some things in cm.  Take a look at the video below to help you.





Have a go at the worksheets below.   For the second worksheet you will need a ruler to measure the objects.  ask your grown up to help you to do this accurately.

Parents -  please be aware that the second and fourth sheet contain the answers so do not need to be printed.

Year 1.

Please only complete the second worksheet - where you have to actually measure the items with a ruler.  Then have a go at the challenge questions.

Parents - please be aware that you only need to print the 3rd sheet as the 4th sheet contains the answers.

See you tomorrow

Mrs Lightfoot