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Wednesday 1st July

Hello Wrens

WOW - it's the first of July!  Can you believe we have been doing online learning for 3 whole months?   We have done so much - Mickey Thompson and Purvis say keep up the good work, only a couple of weeks to go!


Today we are going to be writing the next part of our Superhero story so have a look at the next picture on your story map.   Don't forget to sound out your sentences carefully and use your sound mats to help you.

Year 1 - can you use the sense of hearing in the next part of your story?

Here is the next part of Purvis and Mickey Thompson's story.

When Supermouse and Albert Mousestein got to the pink lake they could hear people screaming and shouting.  The pink lake bubbled and gurgled.  It was slowly spreading across the town covering all the buildings and trees.  Suddenly they heard an evil laugh!



This week we have been learning all about subtraction.  Let's warm up by playing fruit splat subtraction.  How many different fruit can you splat?

Start at Level 1 with slow fruit and progress if you want to!

Fruit splat subtraction

Now let's have a go at using our number lines to help us work out some subtraction number sentences.  We had a look a this yesterday.  Let's use the bear powerpoint below to practise a few more.

Now have a go at the activity attached below. Use your number line to help you solve the number sentences.  Remember the first group of objects is your starting number and the second group is how many you are taking away (how many jumps back you are doing).

Parents - there are a lot of different sheets. Please just choose a couple to complete.  See if you can encourage your child to write the number sentence to represent their calculation.

Year 1.

This week we have been learning about adding by making 10.  Today we are going to be applying this skill to solving some problems.   

Start by working through the powerpoint below.  There is a warm up activity at the start of the powerpoint.

Then have a go at the problem solving activities attached below.  There are 3 different sheets to choose from.  If you do not feel confident with problem solving revisit the fluency activities from yesterday.


So far this week we have learnt about the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Today we are going to be learning about the sense of touch.  What part of the body do we use to touch?

It was a trick question because we use all of our body to touch.  We can feel things through our skin.  Our sense of touch is really important as it tells us so much about the world around us.  It also helps to keep us safe by letting us know if things are too hot or too cold or letting us know if something hurts.  Watch the video below to find out a bit more about our sense of touch.



Now have a go at some of the activities below associated with our sense of touch.

  • Have a look at the powerpoint below.  Can you think of some great WOW words (adjectives) to describe what the things would feel like to touch?
  • Go on a touch Scavenger Hunt.  Print off the sheet below and see if you can find objects with all the different textures listed.
  •  Mystery bag.  Put some small common objects in a bag, e.g. lego brick, shell, pine cone, coins etc.   Put a pair of socks over your hands and see if you can identify the items without looking.  It's surprisingly difficult!  Now repeat the activity without anything on your hands. It's much easier to guess what the item is when we can touch it.
  • Why do we have lines on the palms of our hands? - BBC Science ...         Socks On The Hands Isolated Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock
  • Try a simple activity like threading some beads with your eyes shut.  Did you manage it?   Now try and do it with your eyes open but socks on your hands.  Is it easier or harder?
  • Try some sensory play.  Make some play dough, slime or gloop (cornflour and water) and have some fun messy and sensory play.  Check out the websites below for recipes and ideas. 
  • The Imagination Tree
  • Babble Dabble

       Have fun

       Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)