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Wednesday 1st April


Hello Wrens

Happy 1st April!   Did you know it's April's Fools Day?  That means you can play a trick on someone in your family, but only up to 12 o'clock lunchtime.  After that it's bad luck!

If you head over to the Stories page you will be able to hear the first instalment of The Clumsies starring Purvis and Mickey Thompson.


To keep up with your reading try the website University Press – tagged "oxford-reading-tree-traditional ...

Once you have set up an account (which is really easy to do and free!) you can view e-books many of which are the same as the ones we have in our reading scheme at Abberley.  If you browse the library by Level and select Book Band it will sort the books by colour band and you will be able to select the level your child is reading at school.

Maths.Piggy Bank With Coins · Free Stock Photo

Continuing our work on money have a go at the Fastest Finger powerpoint below.  All the children should be able to have a go at the first part of the powerpoint.  Reception may find the second part when you have to add 2 coins together a little more challenging.

Have a go at playing shops.  I have attached some price labels to help you and some coins you can cut out and use if you are short of change!

Mickey Thompson and Purvis decided to have a food shop (selling mainly cakes and biscuits!). Purvis decided to be the shop keeper so he could help Mickey Thompson with the money.

Teaching points - Parents please start with amounts up to 10p.  Let your child make up the amounts  with pennies to start with and then if they are confident with this introduce the concept of 2p and 5p.  Move onto amounts up to 20p if you want more of a challenge.

When working with numbers above 10 remind your child of the work we have done on place value - For example, 14p is one lot of 10 (10 pence) and 4 more (4 pennies).  

For Year 1 there is a second set of price labels with amounts up to 100.

Happy Shopping!

Mickey Thompson and Purvis were very busy yesterday.  They had a go at the rainbow treasure hunt.  Have a look at the photos below to see some of the things they found!  Purvis looked after the writing as he didn't trust Mickey Thompson with the pencil!

Best wishes 

Mrs Lightfoot