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Wednesday 1st April

Happy 1st April. This is a new month so look carefully how to spell April. The capital A needs to be as tall as the l and make sure the p sits on the line. 

I have two more 'I Love Bugs!' poems to share with everyone. Please click on the link below to read Harrison's and William's poems. If you missed the learning on Monday 30th March, log in to read poems from other class mates. They were all excellent and I was really pleased with the effort everyone showed. 

Phonics: Now you have learnt how to spell the 'shun' sound - tion, today you are going to find more words with this sound and spelling. 

Activity 1: Click on the link, read the sentences and choose the correct word and spelling to make the sentence correct.

Activity 2: Read the clues and solve the crossword. 

English: Today you are going to learn what a simile is and have a go at creating some of your own. Watch this to learn what a simile is.



Read the Easter poem again, can you find the simile?

Did you find - Faster than a quail ?

Activity 1: How many different similes can you write to finish this line...

Faster than a ...

Challenge: Can you answer contain more detail to describe the noun? e.g. Faster than a cheetah hunting down it's prey. 

Activity 2: Either draw your own Easter Bunny and label using similes you have created or download my bunny below and write on the sheet. 

Challenge: Can your similes contain more detail e.g.  To describe the fur, instead of saying - As white as snow you could write - As white as freshly- laid snow on a winter's day.

Maths: Play ‘Strike it Out’ for practising  mental addition and subtraction, but it also requires some strategic thinking. Watch the link below to see how to play.



(I've put the instructions below, just incase you prefer to read them)

Science: A message from Mrs Postlethwaite 

Hi All,

I loved seeing the photographs of you searching for microhabitats in the garden last week. Great work.

So, this week, we are continuing our theme on habitats. Click on Week 2 Science for your home learning for this week.   Have fun!