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Wednesday 17th June

English: Listen to the next 5 chapters. 

There is a little background noise in these videos as I was reading during the thunderstorm that happened last night. It adds a great effect at the end of Chapter 12! 













Miss Hughes’ group: L.O. To multiply and divide by 8

Today you will be showing how well you know your 8 times table! Watch the video below. You will need to start the video at 09:12 (where you left off yesterday).

I have attached Bronze, Silver and Gold fluency activities for today. Pick the one you feel most confident with and, if you complete this, maybe challenge yourself with the next level up.



Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group: L.O. To complete place value consolidation work

As we are heading towards the end of term, the children would usually complete assessment tasks based on the topics covered over the year. As we are not in school, I am setting consolidation tasks for them to do to allow me to gauge their understanding of each topic. I do not expect the children to answer every question, but they should complete each task to the best of their ability.

Today’s task is all about place value. You will be answering questions on negative numbers, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, counting in 25s and 1000s, roman numerals and ordering numbers. See what you can remember and go through the questions slowly. Try your best, I can’t ask more than that of you :)

Some of you may not have encountered roman numerals before so don't panic if that question does not make sense. Ask an adult to help you and I'm sure you'll pick them up quite easily.


Modern Foreign Languages: 

"Imagine" is the theme for this year’s Refugee Week. See below for an interesting activity about how to say 'hello' in different languages. 

How would you welcome a newcomer into your community? Do you know about the rich heritage and diversity of people who call the UK ‘home’?

As the Covid-19 pandemic separates families around the world, our local community plays an increasingly vital role in our daily lives – both as safety net and in contributing to our well-being. At this time, many of us are separated from loved ones. For refugees, this separation may have existed long before lock down – and sadly may continue long after nations re-open their borders.

There are over 6,500 languages spoken around the world. Many of these are spoken in the UK alongside British Sign Language, English, Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots and Welsh. 

  • Get yourselves some coloured pen/pencils and some paper and go to
  • Research how to say hello in as many different languages as you can find. Include languages that use different alphabets. 
  • Create a colourful poster of different ways to say hello- write them phonetically (how your pronounce it) for example 'hello' would be 'hell-oh' and 'bonjour' would be 'bon-jor'.
  • Display your poster in the window.

Art: Mrs Postlethwaite's Photography Challenge

Take a look at the tab below and have some fun with a camera!