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Wednesday 17th June

Hello Wrens

I hope you enjoy today's activities.



Warm up.

Click on the link below to the phonics play comics and choose one (or more of the Phase 3 comics to read).

Phonics play comics

Todays sound is cl.  What have Mickey Thompson and Purvis found today?  Can you think of anything else they could have found?  Have a go at writing the word.

Blending for reading - play the read and roll game attached below to practise reading words with the cl sound.  You will need a dice for this game.

Segmenting for spelling - look at the cl pictures below and see if you can write the words to go with the pictures.  Maybe you can challenge yourself to put some of them in a sentence.

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Elementary school (United States) - Wikipedia

Year 1.

Warm up - Log onto Phonics play comics using the link below and read the Phase 5b comics "Sea monster" and "A dream job" to practise what we have learnt already this week.

Phonics play comics

Today we are going to look at the grapheme y.   Y is sometimes referred to as the part time vowel as it does the job of i in some shorter words.

y can make the sound y - yellow      Lemon yellow ink

y can make the sound igh - spy     Picture - Magnifying Glass Spy Cartoon , Transparent Cartoon, Free ...

y can make the sound ee - happy    Happy: The Parser Generator for Haskell

y can make the found i - gymnastics       Rules for Gymnastics Floor Work

Practise reading some y words on the powerpoint below/

Blending for reading - Log onto Phonics play using the link below.  Choose Phase 5 and click on Cheeky Chimps.  Select y to practise reading and sorting words with the y sound.

Phonics play

Segmenting for spelling - complete the words on the sheet by adding the letter y.  Then see if you can make some silly sentences using the words.



Let's warm up with this number bonds to 5 song.



We have been looking at number bonds up to 5 but we can make number bonds for any number.  The bigger the number the more number bonds we have.  Today we are going to practise making number bonds to 6.

Print off the ladybird templates below.

Each of the ladybirds need 6 spots. 

Easier - use your counters to make the spots on your ladybird.  Remember in total you must have 6 spots.   See if you can write the number sentence to go with your ladybird.

Harder - You will need 2 colour pens.  Can you give each ladybird a total of 6 spots using your 2 colours and then write the number sentence? 

Look Mickey Thompson and Purvis have shown you how.

Year 1.

Let's warm up by practising our number bonds using the hit the button game.  Click the link below.

Hit the button

Select number bonds followed by to 20.

Today we have some number bond reasoning and problem solving activities for you to have a go at.  There are 3 different levels attached below.


This week we have been learning all about what to eat to keep our bodies healthy and strong.  

Try the quick quiz by clicking the link below to see how much you have learnt about healthy eating.

Healthy eating quiz

There is also a video of our last Oliver book. This one is called Oliver's Milkshake. 

Oliver's Milkshake by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett (Hodder Children's Books)



Do you know what food groups milk and fruit belong to?   How would it help Oliver's body if he drank his milkshake?

Your task today is to make your own healthy snack and share the recipe and a photo of you eating it with us.  You could make a milkshake or a fruit salad like Oliver.  Alternatively you could do some healthy baking and make fruit pancakes or muffins.  

Mickey Thompson and Purvis decided to make banana bread. It is a great way of using up old bananas and healthier than cake.  They have shared their recipe in the recipes section of Wren's home learning. 

Purvis and Mickey Thompson's Healthy Banana Bread


It would be fantastic if you could share your recipe with a photo.  We can put them on our recipes page for everyone to try.

Have fun cooking.

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)