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Wednesday 15th July

Hello Wrens

I hope you are feeling full of beans this morning.  Let's get going with our learning.


If you didn't manage to finish your Superhero comic strip yesterday you can continue working on this.  If you did finish have a go at one of the phonics activities attached below.



This week we are holding our Key Stage 1 Sports' Day so we are going combine some maths with some sports' day practise in our Mathletics Challenges!  You will need a timer, tape measure and a pencil and paper.

Challenge 1 - Warm up activities.   Use your timer to see how many star jumps you can do in 30 seconds.  Repeat the activity with other exercises like  squats, burpees, lunges, frog jumps, sit ups, press ups.

This is really good for careful counting.  You could even add the numbers together to see how many exercises you have done altogether.

Vary it by introducing ball skills. How many bounces or catches can you do in 30 seconds?

Challenge 2 - Have a running race with members of your family.  Who was the quickest?  Can you order yourselves from fastest to slowest?  If we were the fastest we say we came first (1st).  These are our ordinal numbers - do you know what comes next?

Try some other races - you could do skipping, hopping or jumping?

Try some longer distance running.  Can you time yourself to see how long it takes you to run 5 laps of your garden?

Challenge 3 - How far can you throw a bean bag or ball?  Practise throwing your bean bag/ball and use your tape measure to see whose went the furthest.  

You could vary this challenge by making it a target throwing challenge.  Arrange some targets with different points on them (hoops work really well).  Take it turns to throw your bean bag/ball into the hoops. Who can score the most points?

This is really good practise for counting on. You could even write the addition number sentence.

Challenge 4 - How far can you jump?  Try the long jump. Who can jump the furthest?  Don't forget to use your tape measure to check.

Mickey Thompson and Purvis certainly enjoyed these activities - they were exhausted afterwards!  Don't forget to drink plenty of water.  I have also attached a rosette template below so you can make your own ordinal number rosettes.

Year 1.

Let's go on an outdoor maths treasure hunt.  Print off the cards below and spread them around your garden.  As you find each card see if you can complete the maths challenge.

Parents - there are three different levels of challenge indicated by the number of stars at the bottom of the card.  Choose the ones which are the most appropriate level for your child and the ones that look the most fun.  You can either choose a level or a selection of cards from each level.

Have fun - Mickey Thompson and Purvis certainly enjoyed this activity!


Today the children in school are having an afternoon at Forest School.  We will be hunting mini beasts, building dens and using our new rope swing.  We might even light a camp fire and toast some marshmallows.

Why don't you have a Forest School afternoon at home?  We would love to see some photographs of what you get up to.

Have fun

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)