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Wednesday 15th July

English L.O: To sequence plot points chronologically.

Activity 1: Listen to  Chapter 25 AND Chapter 26 of 'Skellig' on the Learning --> Stories page of the website. As you are listening, try to answer the following questions (the answers are attached at the bottom):

Chapter 25

  1. Who does Michael go to visit?
  2. What does Michael believe he can hear if he listens very carefully?
  3. Who do Michael and his dad meet by the lift when they are leaving?

Chapter 26

  1. What does Mina show Michael a picture of in the encyclopaedia?
  2. What does Mina tell Michael about evolution?
  3. Who interrupts Michael and Mina?
The Alchemist's Letter

Activity 2: Watch the following clip and pause when instructed to do so and answer the questions in your home learning book.



1. Watch the opening 45 seconds (up until we see ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’)

  • What do Alchemist’s do? (share a dictionary definition)
  • What do you think the film is going to be about?

2. Pause the film after 54 seconds when the man looks at the key and sighs.

  • When is the story set and what makes you think so?
  • How is the man feeling?

3. Pause the film after the phrase, ‘The more powerful the machine.’

  • What has his father left behind and why?

4. Pause the film at 1 min 35 seconds where we see two people sitting by a waterfall.

  •  What do you think the narrators most precious memories could be? 

5. Pause the film at 2 min 15 seconds after the phrase, ‘She died alone.’

  •  What are the narrator’s most precious memories?
  •  Why do you think Veridion’s mother died alone?

6. Pause at 2 mins 43 When the young Veridion throws away the pocket watch. You may want to rewatch that section.

  •  What do you think he is thinking before he throws the watch?
  • Why does he throw the watch away?

7. Pause the film after the phrase, “Just as I abandoned you.” 3 mins.

  • Why was Veridion abandoned?
  • Why might his father think Veridion will abandon his daughter?

8. Pause the film at 3 mins 30 secs when the machine explodes.

  • What has created the gold watch?
  • Why do you think machine has exploded?

10. Pause the film at 3min 45 secs when Veridion is looking at the watch.

  • What do you think he is thinking now?
  • What do you think will happen next?

At the end of the film

  1. Why doesn’t Veridion take any of the coins with him?
  2. Why has the laughter been included in the closing credits? What does it show?

Activity 3: I want you to write down what you think are the 6 main events in this story. I would then like you to sequence these events chronologically and put them into your own comic book strip, detailing as much of the story as possible. Remember, a comic book strip includes a picture (drawn) of the each main event in the story with at least a sentence below to describe what is happening. Draw the boxes in your home learning books (there is a template attached if necessary):






Plot Point 1






Plot Point 2






Plot Point 3






Plot Point 4






Plot Point 5






Plot Point 6

Year 5 L.O: To calculate vertically opposite angles.

Activity 1: Watch the demonstration video below for today's lesson. 



Activity 2: Click the following link to access today's first fluency task and answer questions 2-6: Y5 Fluency

Activity 3: Mark your fluency task using the following answer sheet: Y5 Fluency Answers

Activity 4: Open up the file below titled 'Y5 Challenge' and complete one of the following pages. Mark your work once you are finished using the file below titled 'Y5 Challenge (Answers)'

  • Page 1: Bronze
  • Page 2: Silver
  • Page 3: Gold
Year 6 L.O: To calculate the volume of cuboids.

Activity 1: Watch the demonstration video below for today's lesson. 



Activity 2: Open the file attached below titled 'Y6 Fluency'. and complete questions 1-6. Mark your work once you are finished using the file below titled 'Y6 Maths Fluency (Answers)'.

Activity 3Open up the file below titled 'Y6 Challenge' and complete one of the following pages. Mark your work once you are finished using the file below titled 'Y6 Challenge (Answers)',

  • Page 1: Bronze
  • Page 2: Silver
  • Page 3: Gold

Activity 1: RECAP- What is the definition of the word justice? What does it mean to be just? Can you give examples?

Activity 2: Today, I would like you to hear two stories that teach us a lot about justice. Attached below are two stories. The first is called 'The Holy Cakes' which is a Sikh traditional story about justice. The second is a Judeo-Christian story about justice called 'The Judgement of King Solomon'. You will need to open up both of these stories and read them carefully. 

Activity 3: After you heave read the stories or whilst you are re-reading them, I would like you to fill in the table below. Here, you will be drawing comparisons between the two stories and their links to justice.

Draw out the table in your books to give you more space for answers, alternatively, I have attached it to the bottom of the page if you would prefer to print.