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Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Skylarks. I think you will enjoy the photographs today. We had lots of fun playing with Monty yesterday as we tried to put him in the bath tub! 

Spellings: Use your common exception spellings to fill in the missing words. 


Suffix -  Read sentences and write the underlined word in your home learning book.

English: Hopefully yesterday you had fun playing with one of your teddies and you tried to give them a bath! As a family we had fun trying to give Monty a bath. 

Step One: Fill the bath tub. If your monkey is splashing, this may take a while! 

Step Two: Add bubbles.  

Step Three: Add a monkey.

1.   Entice with juicy bananas.

2.  Propel with a digger truck.

3.   Push and shove down a slide.

Step Four: Start scrubbing! Don't forget to wash under the arms... 

Step Five: Wash his big, fat tummy. CAREFUL - a monkey's tummy is terribly tickly, he will giggle and squirm! 

Step Six: Make a SLASH!

Step Seven: Now for the really woolly bit. You're going to need shampoo - not too much!   

                                                                   Jojo bow bow  hair doo                                Swirly whirly hair doo

Be CAREFUL not to get the shampoo in any of Monty's .... EYES!

That's torn it!  

Step Eight: To get a mischievous Monty down from a tree, you'll need ...

a very LONG swing.   

Step Nine: Let him share a bath with YOU! 

Step Ten: Throw in the towel and SNUGGLE. 

Activity: I am setting this work for the rest of the week as it may take a while. I would like you to write your own set of instructions on how to wash your teddy based on the book. You don't need to take photos of each step (unless you want to) but spend time illustrating your steps, just like the book. You may want to click back on TUESDAY 12th MAY to listen to the story again and to see some of the illustrations. Here are the original steps from the book for you to use, but remember you need to be writing full sentences. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show me how you can use a range of punctuation, adverbs, imperative verbs, prepositions and alliteration in your writing. 

I would keep steps 9 and 10 the same as then all the books will have the same happy ending. 

Maths:  Before doing today's activity, if you struggled with the maths yesterday then re watch the video clip and choose some different questions from yesterday to complete today. If you understood yesterday's maths then have a go at this problem.

Extra activity -


Weekly Science Activity:  Click on the PDF below to read about this week's lesson.