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Wednesday 10th June


Spellings: Common Exception Words

Today I would like you to copy the sentences and fill in the missing words using your spellings. This is also a handwriting practise so show your adults how beautifully and neatly you can write your letters.

Suffix Spellings:  Write out your spellings (using your best handwriting) and then individually cut the words out. Spread the words on your floor and ask an adult (or sibling) to remove one of the words.

Your challenge –

Bronze -  Can you remember what the missing word is?

Silver – Can you put the missing word into a sentence and verbally say it?

Gold – Can you spell the missing word?

Maths: We are going to be learning about a different topic in maths for a couple of lessons - shape. Watch this to see what you can remember about 2d shapes. As you are watching make notes about the different shape names and their properties as you will need this shortly.  I have attached a shape sheet with the different names if you need this for your hunt.



Activity: Go on a hunt around your house and look for objects which are made up from different shapes. Once you have found one make a quick drawing and name the different shapes you can see. Then describe the clues to someone in your house and see if they can find your item. Can you include any other mathematical vocabulary in your descriptions?  Watch Monty before you have a go.



Extra challenge - Did you listen carefully to the video clip, if so can you find objects which contain the different types of triangles and use the correct mathematical name for the triangle? 

English: Another good skill to learn when we are reading is to think about the vocabulary the author is using and why words are chosen. If we do not understand the meaning of the words then we may have problems understanding the text. 

Today select your appropriate reading level and practise this reading comprehension skill of using knowledge of vocabulary to understand texts. 

Bronze - Click here for A MIX UP AT THE ZOO

Silver - Click her for MY GRANDAD THE GARDENER

Gold - Click here for THE GIANT CALLED BOB