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Values groups

From year 3 onwards, all children are assigned to a citizenship group which is actively involved in leading school development. Each group elects a chair and the chairs represent the school on the pupil council.

The groups are as follows. Please click on the group page to see what they have been doing.

Play leaders (Miss Harvey) - These children lead the play activities around the school and support all of the sport that goes on

Reading leaders (Miss Hughes) - Lead the school library improvements and encourage a reading culture around the school

Little Rotters (Mrs Day and Mrs Lench) - Care for the chickens and composting worms and focus on improvements to the school grounds

CREW and charities (Mrs Lightfoot) - Lead and evaluate our school's collective worship, lead on the spiritual side of our school and organise the charitable work that the school is involved in.

Eco and sustainability (Mrs Birch) - Manage projects to ensure that the school is as eco-friendly as possible

E-safety (Mrs Shelley) - Ensure that our technology and curriculum is up to date and that all children know how to stay safe online.

School news and partnerships (Mr Turvey) - Produce reports for the website and local news and seek opportunities to create and sustain partnerships in the community, with other schools and internationally.