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Tuesday 9th June

Spellings: Common Exception Words

Look at your spelling words for this week, read the sentences and work out which word makes sense and write the word in your home learning book. Colour in the letter which is grey on the screen and see if you can find a code word.

Suffix Spellings:  I have uploaded a game for you and your family to play whereby you can test your knowledge of how to use suffixes. It looks like another popular family game?

Click here for the resources - board, cards and score sheet

English: You should now have a completed poem which you are proud of and excited to share with me.  Use your time today to write your poem up using the best handwriting you have ever done!  Think carefully about the difference between tall and short letters and how you join up letters (if you know how to join up) and which letters come below the lines. I have attached a handwriting sheet so you can check/ remember how we write our letters at school. 

Once it is completed see if you can share it with me on J2E.

Maths: Congratulations to Skylarks 1 for winning this week's challenge.The top players in the winning team were Henry, William, Emile and Eloise. 

Top players for Skylarks 2 were Isaac, Jack L, George and Rosie.  Well done to all the players in both teams, as it is a team effort and every point does count towards the final score.  

Last week we were learning about odd and even numbers. Play this game to refresh your memories about odd and even numbers. Select your own level of challenge.

As you are now all experts in identifying odd and even numbers, today you are going to use this knowledge to answer my reasoning and problem solving questions. You only need to complete one level of challenge. 




Weekly Science Activity:  Click on the PDF below to find out about this week's challenge.