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Tuesday 5th May

During this lock down time many people are using the time to learn new skills or find new interests. Monty has been learning how to play the drums.

Why don't you challenge yourself to do something new today. It may even be to tidy your bedroom without being asked first!

Spellings: Use your spelling words to complete this challenge. Which one of your spelling words is the code word?

Phonics: Develop vocabulary through phonics. Click on the BBC Bite size link to refresh your phonics knowledge and apply it when writing sentences with unfamiliar words.

English:  Watch my video clip below before doing today's activity.




Activity:  How would you get the Woolly Mammoth down from the tree? I would like you to write the next few paragraphs of this story. Use your imagination to think of a creative way to get him down from the tree. Once you have managed to get him down what will happen next...? 

When writing what level of challenge will you use to write your sentences:

Bronze - sentences using capital letters and full stops

Silver - also include expanded noun phrases

Gold - also include verbs and adverbs

Maths: Well done to the boys for winning the times table battle yesterday. The top players for the boys were Isaac, Jack E and Henry and Eloise, Georgia and Katie for the girls. Well done to all players.

 Fact families addition and subtraction bonds to 20



Activity - Click on the PDF for the activity questions.

If you feel you need more of a maths challenge then have a go at the greater depth fact questions below. 

Weekly Art Challenge:  Last week many of you recreated fantastic Matisse style paintings. I could definitely see the different elements of art in your paintings. It is a shame we cannot display them in our classroom. I will try and see if I can find a way of sharing them digitally. 

Open the PDF below to see this week's lesson.