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Tuesday 5th May

Hi Wrens

I hope you are all well and busy and enjoying the nice weather.  We went for a lovely walk yesterday down by the river.  Mickey Thompson and Purvis found some flowers.  Do you know what they are?

They also enjoyed seeing the weir although they were very careful not to fall in!


Back to phonics today.  Please find your activities below.  

Don't forget to keep reading.  Remember the website Oxford Owl has lots of online books linked to our school reading scheme.  The site also has lots more information and activities to help with your learning.


Today we are going to be carrying on thinking about numbers.  One really good way to practise your number recognition and careful counting is to play board games.  Mickey Thompson and Purvis had a game of Monopoly earlier.  


Today you have a magic number challenge.  Choose your favourite number between 1-20 and then see what you can find around the house to do with your number.  You can practise writing your number in digits and words, have a go at writing some number sentences containing your number and seeing if you can do some careful counting. Can you use your number in measuring?  Does it appear on a clock?   Can you make it out of coins?

Mickey Thompson and Purvis had a go.  They chose the number 2 as there are 2 of them.  Here is what they came up with.


The possibilities are endless.  If you would like to share your results please email them to the school office.

There is also a careful counting activity attached below for you to have a go at.

Year 1.

We have done the magic number challenge in the past.  However, if you would like another go that would be great.

At school we use our Base 10 apparatus to represent numbers.  These enable us to see the number of tens and ones in a number clearly.

Concrete / Pictorial / Abstract Maths Calculation Policy

For example the numbers shown above are 25 and 47.

Click on the powerpoint below to have a go at working out what numbers are represented by Base 10.

As we have not got Base 10 apparatus at home we can substitute by drawing them, with lines to represent the tens and dots to represent the ones.


Remember to make your lines and dots nice and clear.

Now have a go at the activities below.  There are 2 different levels of fluency and problem solving activities for 0-50 and 0-100 so please choose the activities you feel most confident doing.  There is also a fluency activity using numbers 0-20 if you feel you need more practise.

Good luck

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)