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Tuesday 2nd June

Hello Wrens

Let's jump straight into our learning today.



Today we have some more activities to practise our Phase 3 sounds.  Please see the sheet below.

Year 1.

Over the next few days we are going to be thinking of different ways of pronouncing (saying) the same grapheme (written letters) in different words.  Today we are going to looking at the i grapheme which can be make the long igh sound or the short i sound.  See below for the activities.



We are going to be carrying on with our work on 2D shapes.  Listen to and join in with the song below to recap what we learnt yesterday.



Activity 1 - what's in the bag?

Ask your grown up to help you cut out some 2D shapes from a piece of paper or card and put them in a cloth bag.  There is a sheet included below for you to use.  Then take it in turns to find a shape in the bag and describe it to the other person.  See if they can guess what the shape is from your description.

Teaching point - the purpose of this game is to get the children to think about the different properties of each shape when describing and guessing them.

Activity 2 - secret shape pictures.

Below there are sheets for you to either make monster or animal shape pictures.  You will need to carefully cut out and stick the 2D shapes to make your picture.   Now show your picture to someone else - can they spot which 2D shapes you used?  Can they count how many there are of each shape?

Extra challenge - Can you make your own 2D shape picture?

Year 1.

Today we are going to be recapping some of the work we did before half term on making equal groups (grouping).  The video below will explain more.




The activities are attached below.  There are also some challenge cards which cover activities on multiplication and division to have a go at.

Parents - the cards get progressively harder which is indicated by the number of stars.


Yesterday we learnt a bit about Florence Nightingale.  Can you remember what her job was?


Mickey Thompson and Purvis are giving you a clue!

A nurse looks after us when we are ill and helps our bodies get fit and healthy again.  Today we are going to thinking about our bodies.  They truly are wonderful and can do all sorts of amazing things.  It's important we look after them and keep them as healthy as possible.

Do you know what all the different parts of your body are called?

Ask your grown up to play a game of Simon Says with you. Can they catch you out?  For example, do you know where your shoulders, elbows and wrists are?

Can you sing some body songs?  How about Head, shoulders, knees and toes or If you're happy and you know it?  Can you make up your own verses?

Now we are going to see how many different parts of the body we can name.  There are a choice of activities.

Activity 1 - a gluing and sticking sheet to name the parts of the body (attached below).

Activity 2 - a blank body outline for you to add your own labels to (attached below).

Activity 3 - draw round your own body either on a large sheet of paper or outside with chalk.  How many body labels can you add?

Look Mickey Thompson and Purivs had a go.  Do you have the same body parts as them?

Have fun.

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)