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Tuesday 28th April

Note for Parents: My apologies for the English activity yesterday, I thought the story lasted for 1 hour not 10 hours! However, I'm sure this helped with any parent who is currently working from home! I have put the link on the Skylarks Home Learning page in order for pupils to listen to the story over the following week if they did not manage all 10 hours yesterday!  

Phonics: Read the sentences below and fill in the missing words using one of the common exception spelling words ( wild, climb, most, only, both).

This week in phonics we are learning how to use an apostrophe for possession. Watch the clip from yesterday if you are unsure how to use an apostrophe or join in with this rock song to hear about the two different uses of an apostrophe (contraction and possession).



Activity: Download the sheet below and see if you can work out which is the correct sentence. Write the correct sentence in your home learning book.

English: Before I introduce the story book we are going to be looking at this week, have a look at the x2 pages and see if you can guess what the little girl is trying to do and which of her attempts is likely to have the most success?

Did you guess she was trying to get a large woolly mammoth into a bath tub! The book we are going to look at this week is called...

Before we read this book I would like you to do some research about mammoths. Click on the link below and once you have watched the information film about mammoths then click on the tabs (I have circled them in red)  to research more about mammoths. Write a few sentences to describe why you think it would be difficult to wash a woolly mammoth?

Maths: Comparing Lengths



Activity: Click on the question sheet below. You can either print it off or just write the answers in your home learning book. I have attached the answers so you can mark your own work after you have completed it. Good luck. 

Well done to the boys for winning the battle of the bands TTRockstars tournament yesterday. The top players for the boys were Isaac, Jack L and Arthur - well done. The girls put up a good battle and the top players were Niamh, Tilly and Katie - well done. 

RE: The parable of The Good Samaritan 

Click on the document below to open up this lesson from Mrs Postlethwaite.