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Tuesday 28th April

Hello Wrens

Today we are planting bean seeds.  We have decided to plant them in jam jars as that way you can see the roots and shoots growing really clearly.  When they get a bit bigger we can plant them out into pots.

We have planted ours with coloured napkins to make the pots look nice and bright but you could just use kitchen towel.  Don't forget to keep the napkin damp but don't over water them.  They will grow best if you put them on a nice sunny windowsill.  Don't forget to check them each day to see if you can spot which part of the plant grows first.  (Instructions are included below if you need them).


We are back to phonics today so please check below for your learning activities.


I hope you all managed to make your balance scale successfully yesterday because today we are going to use them to do some weighing.

We are going to be using non standard units to compare the weight of things.   Just like we did with the measuring last week you need to choose the non standard unit you are going to use.  This could be building bricks, marbles, felt tips or pasta.  It doesn't matter as long as you have quite a lot of them and they are all the same.  It does need to be something that will fit in your balance scales and you need to be able to count them so don't choose anything too big or too small!

Mickey Thompson and Purvis have decided to use pasta as their non standard unit to weigh a toy car.  They have put the toy car in one side of the scales and are carefully adding pieces of pasta to the other side.

Can you estimate (a good mathematical guess) how many pieces of pasta they will need to make the scales balance?

Mickey T has estimated 5 pieces of pasta and Purvis has estimated 30.

The scales are now balanced.  That means the car and the pieces of pasta weigh the same.

Now we need to see how many pieces of pasta the car actually weighed.  

Can you see how Purvis has used groups of 10 to help him count the pasta accurately.  He had 3 groups of 10 and 7 more.  So the car weighed the same as 37 pieces of pasta.  
Whose estimate was the best?

Now it's your turn.  Use the sheet below to estimate and record the weight some items using non standard units.    There is also a sheet with Challenge questions for Year 1

Have fun!

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)