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Tuesday 24th March


English: L.O: To summarise chapter 3 and distinguish between characters thoughts and feelings.

In addition to completing the tasks below, I would highly recommend reading a challenging book of your choice for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

Listen to chapter 3 of Pig Heart Boy in the Learning --> Stories section of the website

Activity 1: Summarise, in one paragraph, what has happened in chapter 3 ‘News’.

Activity 2: Can you find the definition of the following 4 words/ phrases and write their definitions in full sentences?

  • Assumption (chapter 2)
  • Winced (chapter 3)
  • Pros and cons (chapter 3)
  • Deform (chapter 3)

Activity 3: In chapter 3, Cam’s mum and dad are both arguing. Write the arguments each of them have during this chapter. What strong points do each of them make about the idea of Cam having the heart of a pig instead of that of a human? (Aim for a minimum of 3 points per character).

Mum’s Argument:                                        Dad’s Argument:

Maths L.O: To interpret conversion graphs involving measures.

Activity 1: Attempt a Bronze, Silver OR Gold Maths challenge by clicking the links below. Mark your answers only when you are finished.

If you finish quickly (less than 5 mins) , attempt the next level for a challenge!

Bronze Maths Challenge

Bronze Answers

Silver Maths Challenge

Silver Answers

Gold Maths Challenge

Gold Answers

Platinum Maths Challenge

Platinum Answers

Activity 2: Watch the video below on how to draw, read and interpret conversion graphs.

Once you have watched it and have a good understanding of how to read these graphs, attempt the Bronze (A), Silver (B) OR Gold (C) activity attached below.





Geography L.O: To research and comprehend the threats posed to an endangered species.

Read pages attached on conservation and threatened wildlife.

Activity 1: Answer Discussion Questions:

1) What is the most serious threat to wildlife?

2) How many plants and animals might be left 50 years from how?

3) Does it matter if an animal becomes extinct?

Activity 2:

  1. Use the Internet to make a list of endangered plant and animal species.
  2. Choose only one.
  3. Find out more about what threatens the existence and conservation of this species.

-Find as many facts and statistics as you can (e.g. Where is it's habitat? What is its habitat? What is its diet? How does it behave in its environment?)

-Look into what is being done to help conserve this species and is it making a difference?

Make notes in your home learning books.


At a time where we all find ourselves indoors for the most of the day, we should bare in mind how important daily exercise is for our health and wellbeing, particularly our mental health. If you are able to, take your device somewhere with plenty of space (even the garden on a nice sunny day) or clear some space in front of your computer and follow along with Joe Wicks for a 30 minute workout. I will definitely be doing the same!