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Tuesday 23rd June

English: To create a timeline- preparing to write a biography

Tomorrow you will be writing a biography all about a member of your family, so today you need to find out some interesting and significant (really important!) parts of their lives. You will be creating a timeline of these events- remember to do this in chronological order. 

Click the tab at the bottom of the page for today's lesson, there is an example there- if you're interested to who this lady is, ask your parents and maybe do some more research! 



Well done to Kingfishers 2 for winning this week's Battle of the Bands

This week's highest earning players for Kingfishers 1 were: 1st Thomas S,. 2nd Charlie and 3rd Thomas P.

This week's highest earning players for Kingfishers 2 were: 1st Olivia P., 2nd Tommy and 3rd Ava.

Your MVP certificates will be making their way to your folders on J2e!


We are all doing the same maths task today.

I would like you to play 5 GARAGE (!) games (3 mins) each on TTRS. You should have your log in details in the front of your Home Learning books but if you can't remember yours, go on to J2e and share a document with me and I'll send your details as soon as I can.

Knowing your times tables and being able to recall them quickly will make many of your maths lessons so much easier, which is why it is important to take part in our Battle of the Bands and other tasks set on TTRS. 

Also, please complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Science: LO: To revise vertebrates and invertebrates

Earlier this year, we spent a while learning all about different living things and what it means to be a mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish. Today, using the BBC Bitesize website complete the fun lesson that involves going on a mini-beast hunt! You can find the lesson here!