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Tuesday 23rd June

Well done to Skylarks 1 - Your top four players were Isaac, Emile, Harrison and William. The top four players for Skylarks 2 were Arthur, Jack E, Jessie-Mai and Katie. Well done to all players.

Spellings: Use the common exception spelling words to fill in the gaps. 

Suffix: The other week you played the game 'Phonopoly' and today I have uploaded a ' Bingo' suffix game. I know how much you all enjoy a game of bingo from when we had it as a class lunchtime club! Eyes down and ready....

(Keep the pieces for the game as you will need them tomorrow)

English: Today I would like you to practise your SPAG skills ( spelling, punctuation and grammar). I have uploaded a bronze, silver and gold mat so select the appropriate level of challenge. You can either work from the screen and write the answers in your home learning book or if you click on the mat it should give you a PDF version you can print off. 

Bronze -  

Silver - 

Gold - 

Maths: Last Friday you went on a hunt around your house for 3D shapes. Hopefully now you can name the common 3D shapes. Watch this clip below to refresh your memories.



Look at these 3D shapes -