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Tuesday 23rd June

Hello Wrens

Let's get going straight away with our learning today.



Let's warm up with the quick read real and nonsense word powerpoint attached below.

Our sound today is fr.   Can you see what Mickey Thompson and Purvis found around the house which starts with the fr sound?    Can you write the word?

I wonder what else they could have found.

Blending for reading - Look at the video below.  Read through it with your grown-up and see if you can spot the fr words.



Segmenting for spelling - Can you write me a sentence about Fred the frog who likes fruit.

Amazon Leaf Frog Fringe Tree Frog In Fruit Tree 4k Video Stock ...

Year 1.

Let's warm up with the Phase 5 sounds balloon popping powerpoint attached below.

Yesterday we were thinking about the letter c making soft (circus) and hard (cat) sounds.

Blending for reading - Let's practise our soft and hard c sounds by playing the game below.



Segmenting for spelling - On one half of a large piece of paper draw a cat and write hard c.  On the other half draw a circus tent and write soft c.

Print off the sheet below and then cut out and sort the words into hard or soft c words.  Stick the words on the right half of the paper and then see if you can write some hard and soft c sentences.

Parents - there are quite a lot of words so give your child a challenge.  For example can you find 5 of each sound?



Over the last week we have been looking at number bonds.  We have now reached the number 10. 

Our number bonds to 10 are really important in maths so we are going to spend the next few days finding out about them.  One of the reasons they are so important is because we have 10 fingers on our hands and because of this our number system is based around the number 10.

Let's work through the powerpoint below to learn about our number bonds to 10.

Now have a go at the activity sheet and see if you can work out the missing numbers.  Remember you can use your counters to help you if you are not sure.

The powerpoint below has a great song using your fingers to help you remember your number bonds to 10.

Year 1.

Over the next few days we are going to be looking at different strategies for addition.  Some may seem very straightforward but once we have mastered them we can use them to help us solve much more difficult number problems.  Today we are going to be looking at part whole models.



Once you have worked through the video, have a go at the activities attached below.   

Challenge Activity.

Choose a number between 10 and 20.  How many part whole models can you write for that number?   How do you know if you have written them all?

Look Mickey Thompson have chosen number 12.  So far they have written 3 part whole models.

(apologies for the wonky photo - I am not quite sure why it has occurred - but you get the idea!)



Yesterday we looked at the picture by Banksy with the nurse as a superhero.           

New Banksy piece celebrates superhero health workers | Art and ...

Can you remember what job does a nurse do?  

That's right they help people who are ill in hospital.  There are lots of other people who do jobs who help us - can you think of any?

Parents - see if your child can think of some different professions where people help us.  There is a powerpoint game attached below with some ideas but it is by no means exhaustive.  Can you think of any others that could be included on there?

Watch the video below - can you guess who is going to help?



When you grow up what do you want to be?  How would you like to help people?

can you see what jobs Purvis and Mickey Thompson have chosen.

Attached below is a sheet for you to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up.  If you are in Reception I would like you to write your name and label your picture.  If you are in Year 1 please can you write a sentence(s) explaining why you have chosen that job.

There are also some colouring and gluing and sticking sheets attached below for you to have a go at.

Don't forget to let us know which job you have chosen.

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot  (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)