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Tuesday 21st April

Thank you for sharing your performance poetry at the end of last term. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Both myself and Monty were entertained by your performances and impressed with your descriptive language and use of similes. 



Top players were Isaac, William, Arthur, Emile, Henry and Jack E for the boys and Katie, Eloise, Niamh, Olivia and Tilly for the girls. Well done. 

Phonics: There, their or they're? I know lots of you like singing so I have found a song to help you learn which there to use. Get your voices ready! After you have enjoyed your singing click on the activity sheet at the bottom of the page. Can you write the correct spelling? Either copy out the sentences, print off and complete or get an adult to read the sentences and choose the correct spelling of there, their or they're



English: Firstly, watch the video below about The Magic Faraway Tree.



What can you remember about The Magic Faraway Tree? Imagine you have been on an adventure there and you want to write a diary entry about it.

You can watch the video again and make some notes about the things you want to include in your diary.

Your diary entry will need to include:

  • a greeting like 'Dear Diary' or 'To Diary'
  • a description of the tree (what it looked like, how it felt to be there)
  • who you met (what were their names and what did they look like)
  • what questions you asked whilst there (remember to include question marks)
  • information about what you did and how you felt
  • a closing like 'Got to go now' or 'time for me to go' 

Extra Activity - Let's draw some of the characters

In the story 'The Magic Faraway Tree' we heard about characters such as: Dame Washalot, Silky the Fairy, Moonface and The Saucepan Man.

Using their names, draw what you think they would each look like.

Once you've drawn them, next to each character, write one question you wish you could ask them.

Maths: Watch the lesson and have a go at answering the questions. Afterwards click on the sheet at the bottom of the page with the activity questions on.

Parents - I have included the answers. 



BBC are providing lots of exciting lessons and learning opportunities which you might find interesting. I am going to select any which follow our Summer Term Curriculum. Today they have provided a Geography lesson which looks at the four countries of the UK and their capital cities. This is one of our curriculum areas.

Have fun

Mrs Shelley