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Tuesday 19th May

Spellings: Have some fun with your spellings today. Ask your parents for an empty washing up liquid bottle ( or similar bottle) and find somewhere outside to 'squirt out' the letters to make up your spelling words or fill a bucket with some water and use a paintbrush to write your spellings on a surface outside. 

If not, I have found this online game for you to play. Click Year 2,  and then click one of the first four bird houses ( these all contain words you have learnt from the last couple of weeks)  to see the list of words and then click go. Look at the word, once you have memorised it begin to click on the letters to spell the word. How many can you get correct?

English:  Wow, I have spent the last few days reading lots of fun instructions and looking at images of how you washed your favourite teddy. What fantastic home learning, well done to all Skylarks. I hope you enjoyed your learning based on the book, ' How to wash a Woolly Mammoth,' and had lots of fun at the same time. 

This week our work is going to be based on a myth from Ancient Greece called Pandora’s Box. As well as reading the story, there will be opportunities to draw, create, play with words and read and write poetry. 

Activity:  Read the start of this story (below) or click on the link and listen but remember to pause at 1.39 minutes and complete the activity before continuing listening to the rest of the story. You might want to do both, listen and follow the words on screen. Tempting as it is, please pause the story and complete the activity before continuing with the story.

The Myth of Pandora’s Box Are you nosy?

Do you like secrets? Have you ever done something that you’ve been warned not to, just to find out a secret? All through time there have been stories about people being told not to open doors, cupboards, gates and all sorts of other things, and in many of the stories the people just didn’t listen. One person who did not listen is Pandora. Her story is from Ancient Greece, where her nosiness changed the world forever! Hello! Let’s start by reading a story together.

Not hundreds but thousands of years ago, in ancient Greece, there lived two brothers called Epimetheus and Prometheus. Although they lived in a world where the gods were in charge, they liked nothing more than to annoy the gods. One day, Zeus, a particularly powerful god, decided to teach them a lesson.

Zeus ordered the gods to create a beautiful woman. Her name was Pandora and she was to marry Epimetheus. As a wedding present, Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box but there was one special condition, she was never to open it!

All day Pandora’s husband Epimetheus was out working. All day all she could think about was what was in the box. Pandora could not understand why Zeus would give her a box that she could not open. It made no sense to her. Pandora was bored and lonely and her curiosity became unbearable. (Pause at 1.39 minutes)

Task 1: What do you think the box looked like? Draw it in your home learning book and write a list of adjectives to describe the box. Once you have finished, continue reading and listening to the story. Pause again at 2.02 minutes.

One day, when she was sure that Epimetheus was out annoying the gods, Pandora searched for the key to open the box. “I know it’s here somewhere,” she muttered to herself as she opened cupboards and drawers. There it was, high on a shelf in their bedroom! With shaking hands, Pandora slid the key into the lock and turned it. (Pause at 2.02 minutes)

Task 2: What do you think could be in the box? Use your imagination and draw what you think could be inside the box. Write a short paragraph to explain your thoughts as to what is inside the box. If your box contains more than one thing then watch this clip so you can use commas correctly to write a list.

We are going to continue listening and working on the story tomorrow so don't listen to the end! 

Maths: Here are the scores from the latest TT Rockstars challenge. Use your maths skills and say the scores out loud, use your place value knowledge and look carefully at the value of each digit.  Can any mathematicians work out the difference between the two scores?

Well done Skylarks 2. The top 3 players were Isaac, Jack L and George. The top 3 players from Skylarks 1 were Arthur, Emile and William. Well done to all the players that took part. 

Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

Watch the video clip



Depending on how confident you are after pausing and having a go at the questions, click on the suitable level of challenge below. Work from the screen or download a PDF copy below.


Silver -  

Gold -  

Weekly Science Activity: Click on the PDF below to learn about seed dispersal and to find this week's activity. Tomorrow, I will share photos of Monty doing some planting in my garden and greenhouse.