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Tuesday 19th May

Hello Wrens

Today we are going to be starting with some RE.  Please click on the link below to see 2 Christian stories from the Bible.  

The story of the Lost Sheep and the story of the Good Samaritan.

Both of these stories are stories that Jesus used when he was alive to teach people about God.  We call these stories parables.

We looked at the story of the Lost Sheep in class earlier in the year.  Can you remember what it teaches us about God?

What do you think the story of the Good Samaritan teaches us?   Can you think of some examples of where you or someone you know has been a Good Samaritan and helped people?


Today we are going to be planning our beanstalk story, which I am really excited about.   We are going to be imagining we climbed the beanstalk to visit the land we designed last week and met the character we created yesterday.  What happened while you were there?  Was it a happy or scary trip? 

Now we are going to need a big sheet of paper to design our story map.   Remember your story map only has to show the main events in the story.   You need to start with climbing your beanstalk to your magic land and finish when you get back home safely.

Try and do about 6 pictures altogether as tomorrow we will using our story maps to begin to write our stories so we don't want them to be too complicated!

Here is Purvis and Mickey Thompson's story map.  Can you work out what is going to happen in their story?


Yesterday we started to learn about sharing and division and we were sharing (dividing) by 2. We learnt that some numbers we could share by 2 so there were equal groups and some numbers we couldn't.

Today we are going to be looking at sharing (dividing) by other numbers.

For example



Mickey Thompson and Purivs have 6 apples which they want to share with Ortrud. 

We are going to share the 6 apples between 3 animals.  How many apples will they have each?


That's right they will have 2 apples each.

Year 1 the number sentence would look like this     6   ÷    3   = 2

6 apples divided by 3 animals equals 2 apples each.


Now let's imagine Mickey Thompson and Purvis want to share some grapes with Ortrud and Panda.  They have 12 grapes altogether.  12 grapes shared between 4 animals.  How many grapes will they have each?

Yes, they will have 3 grapes each.

Year 1 the number sentence will look like this  12 ÷ 4 = 3


Below there is a sheet with different types of fruit on it.  Ask your grownup to print it out and carefully cut out the pieces of fruit.  Now you need 3 cuddly toys and 3 plates.  See if you can share the different types of fruit equally between them. 

How many of each type of fruit do they have?

Can you draw a different type of fruit to share equally between your toys?  How many fruit do you need to draw?

Extra challenge.

What would happen if you only had 2 cuddly toys?  Could you still share all the fruit equally?

Year 1.

Work through the powerpoint below to practise dividing by different numbers.  Then have a go at the fluency and problem solving activities on the sheets below. There are easier and harder versions for you to choose from.

Enjoy sharing!

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)