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Tuesday 16th June

English: Listen to chapters 6-10-

These chapters are a little longer than yesterday's, so you may want to listen to 3, then do your maths, and then maybe listen to the next two whilst finishing off your DT. 












For DT today, I would like you to continue with your dolls' house and send me some pictures on j2e. When you have finished it, I would like you to write a story or explanation about it, including what you made and why, or a thought to go with your box about your experiences during lock down. 



We are all doing the same maths task today.

I would like you to play 5 studio games (3 mins) each on TTRS. You should have your log in details in the front of your Home Learning books but if you can't remember yours, go on to J2e and share a document with me and I'll send your details as soon as I can.


Also, please complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home.