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Thursday 9th July

Hello Wrens

Let's get started with our guided reading today.


Today is Thursday so it is Guided Reading Day so let's head over to the Big Cat Home page.  Then follow the instructions to log onto Collins Connect to access their e-book library.

Big Cat e-books

Click on the Collins Big Cat e-books section.  The books are sorted by colour band.


Easier - Pink A.  Read "The very wet dog" (on page 3) and then click on resources to download the activity associated with this text.

Harder - Red A.  Read "What's inside?" (on page 3)  and then click on resources to download the activity associated with this text.

Additional activity - have a go at the farm reading comprehension activity attached below.

Year 1.

Easier - Yellow.  Read "Where is my school?" (on page 4) and then click on resources to download the activity associated with this text.

Harder - Green.  Read "The Magic Pen" (on page 2) and then click on resources to download the activity associated with this text.

Additional activity - have a go at the "Down on the farm" handwriting activity attached below.  Can you copy out the poem in your neatest handwriting?



Right at the start of lockdown we did some work on telling the time. Let's see how much we can remember.  Let's warm up with a telling the time song from Kids TV 123.



Can you remember how to tell the time to o'clock.  Where do the big and little hands go?  

Let's use the powerpoint attached below to remind us.

Now it's your turn.  Have a go at the telling the time worksheet attached below. Some of the clocks you need to draw the hands on and others you need to write down the time on the clock.

Try playing the game below to see how good you are at telling the time. There is the option to extend it to telling the time to the half hour if you would like to.

Telling the time game

Year 1.

Let's recap on what we learnt about position and direction yesterday by playing a game of human beebots.  You will need a large open space like your garden or the school playground.  Scatter a few objects around the space - for example sports equipment.  Now choose a starting point.   One person stands on the starting point and closes their eyes.  Their partner uses the directional language we learnt yesterday to direct them to one of the objects.  If you are the person being directed you must listen carefully to what your partner says and only move as they tell you to!

Today we are going to be thinking about what objects look like when they are turned.  Let's work through the powerpoint below to practise this skill.   Then have a go at one of the activity sheets attached below.  There are 3 levels to choose from.



This week we have been learning about the Jewish faith in RE.  We have already talked about how Jewish people believe different things to Christians and that they do not celebrate Christmas and Easter as Jesus is not an important person in their religion.

Although they do not celebrate Christmas and Easter Jewish people do have lots of festivals and celebrations.  Today we are going to learn about one of these called Hanukkah.  As we learnt earlier this year lots of festivals are based on important stories and the story Hanukkah is based on is called "The Miracle of the Oil."  Click on the link below to hear the story.

BBC religious stories The Miracle of the Oil

Let's find out how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.   Listen to the Sammy Spider story.  Can you spot some of the ways they celebrated Hanukkah?

Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah by Sylvia A. Ross and Katherine Janus Kahn (Published by Karben publishing)




That's right - they ate special food, decorated their houses, lit candles, played games and gave presents.  Which Christian celebration does that sound similar to?

You now have a choice of activities.  You can either 

- design an invitation to invite a friend to your Hanukkah celebration.  Don't forget to tell them some of the activities you will doing to celebrate.  There is some decorated paper attached below for you to use.

- use the cut and stick activity below to design your own menorah.  The menorah holds the special candles that are lit in Jewish households to remember the story of the Miracle of the Oil and  celebrate Hanukkah. I would suggest cutting out the menorah and then designing your own candles to add to it.  Can you remember how many candles they have in the menorah and why?

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)