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Thursday 9th July

Spellings: Read, cover, say and then colour in the picture to practise more of the common exception words.

Activity 2:  Can you find 14 of the common exception words in this word search? There is a PDF if you want to print it off.

Maths/ Computing: If you finished the coding from yesterday and you feel confident then have a go at today's lesson.

If you didn't finish the work yesterday or you need another go, then complete this before moving onto today's lesson.  You might want to experiment with the other blocks and see what they do when you add them into your algorithm. Enjoy playing with the different coding blocks to see what happens. You can always drag the block into the bin if you are not happy. 

Watch the video lesson to learn how to create a simple animation of a sprite and make a sprite ' speak'.

Like yesterday, go to your shared files and find the file labelled ' Thursday 9th July' and click on the template.

Task 1- Experiment with making one of the sprites move and animate using the "repeat", "move forward" and "switch costume to next" blocks.

If you need to, watch the video link again to see how to  make the sprites speak and then try task 2.

Task 2- Get the second sprite to move and animate so that the two sprites meet. Add in a "say" block

Challenge- Try some different actions when the sprites touch. Experiment with new backgrounds and animations. Try to make the sprite say something as its mouth opens like in the example.

Music Activity: How and why singing makes us feel good. You might want to take a look t this BBC Bite size page and enjoy doing some singing at home.