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Thursday 7th May

Tomorrow is VE Day, click here for more information and ideas about how you could celebrate without leaving your house. Don't forget to email any pictures into school for the newsletter. Below I have linked a fun song about VE day from the Horrible History team.

Spellings: Roll a dice and then use the number to read one of the words on the line. Cover up the word and spell it. If you are correct then claim the word. Who will claim the most words in your house? e.g. If I roll a 4. I look along the line with the number 4 at the start. I select a word and then say it, ' child' and then someone from the other team covers it up. I have a go at spelling it. If I am correct I score 1 point and either cross it out or cover it up with a counter. Have fun! 

Common Exception Words


English: Yesterday you read some instructions to make a woolly mammoth. Today I would like you to listen to some more instructions, and while listening, can you hear any imperative verbs or prepositions?

You might want to follow these instructions and make your own scrumptious rice krispie head.

Activity:  I have put some more instructions for you to read. You can download the instructions at the bottom of the page if your prefer.  After reading the instructions select your level of challenge. You can highlight parts of the instructions or make your own notes in your learning book. 

Can you find ? 

Bronze -

1. The title

2. How do you know what order to follow the instructions? 

3. What imperative verbs can you find?

Silver - All of bronze and are there any expanded noun phrases? Any commas used for lists? Capital letters for proper nouns?

Gold -  All bronze, silver and any words which use suffixes? Apostrophes for contraction? 

Maths: Listen and follow the activities on the page to continue with our work on fact families.

Make sure you play the the 'Karate Cats Maths' game. The gold level is quite tricky! 

Weekly RE Learning: Open up the PDF below to learn about Jesus and Peter walking on water. 

Have a lovely, sunny VE Bank Holiday. 

Mrs Shelley & Monty