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Thursday 7th May

Hello Wrens

This is the last day of learning this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday to celebrate VE Day.

VE stands for Victory in Europe and we are celebrating 75 years since the Second World War ended in Europe and there was no more fighting.  The video below explains a little bit more about why we celebrate VE Day.   



If you head over to the VE Day page on the Class pages section of the website you will be able to find out a little bit more along with lots of ideas of things you could do to celebrate.  Mickey Thompson and Purvis are very excited.  They are planning to make some bunting and Mickey Thompson said all celebrations should involve cake!


Today we will be doing some more phonics.

Reception - We have now finished revisiting the Phase 3 sounds so for the next few weeks we will be doing lots of activities to practise reading and writing these sounds.  Please see the activities below.

Year 1 - Please see below for your activities.


Today we are thinking about some of the language that we use to compare numbers and quantities.

Have a look at the challenges that Mickey Thompson and Purvis have set below.  Can you answer the questions?

Who has the most bananas?

Who has  fewer pens?

Who has the greater number?

Who has the lower number of dots on their dice?

Who has the bigger number on their card?

Who has more biscuits?

Which card shows the higher number?

Who has the least pens?

Who has less bananas?

Which dice shows the smaller number of dots?

Now it's your turn.  Ask someone in your house to help you and see if you can make your own challenges using some of the language above.

Parents - try and use a range of different mathematical terms in this activity so your child gains an understanding of the different vocabulary.

Reception - Have a look at the powerpoint below.  Then try the ladybird activities - they are graded from easy (green) to hard (red).  There is also a grab and count activity mat if you want to practise careful counting and comparing amounts. 

Parents - you can increase the difficulty of these activities by using a range of different mathematical vocabulary. 

Year 1 - When we compare numbers or amounts we can use the greater than (>) and less than (<) mathematical symbols to represent this.

For example               6 < 9           6 is less than 9 

                                    15 > 10       15 is greater than 10

We help the children remember this by saying the symbol looks like a crocodile's jaws and the hungry crocodile will always eat the biggest number.  There is a great song below to help you remember this.



If the 2 numbers are the same we use the equal (=) sign.

                               4 = 4                                                            4 equals 4.

Have a go at working through the powerpoint below.  Then there is a choice of fluency activities using numbers to 20, 50 or 100.  Please choose the one you feel most comfortable working on.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your VE day celebrations.

MRs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)