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Thursday 4th June

Spellings: Can you read the poem and think about your spelling words to fill in the missing words. Extra challenge - Can you write out the poem to practise your handwriting?

Suffix: Can you find your spellings in this word search? Either find them on the screen below or print off a PDF of the word search below. Happy Hunting! 

English:  It's time to be creative today! Can you make a magic box?

Extra challenge - Write a few sentences explaining your decisions. Are you able to use some fabulous expanded noun phases to add detail to your sentences? 

Maths: Play the 'Karate Cats Maths' game to warm up your maths brain. Click on the 'Multiplication and Division' game and then select bronze, silver or gold level. While you are playing this game ask an adult to download the PDF sheet below, cut up the cards and hide them for you to find.

Activity:  An adult in your house will have hidden cards for you to find. Firstly you need to answer these multiplication questions and make a note of the answers. Either download the PDF sheet below 'Maths Hunt' or read the questions on screen and just write down your answers in your home learning book.

Once you have a number answer go and hunt for the card with that number on it and make a note of the letter. Once you have all the letters you will have found my hidden phrase.

e.g. 9 x 2 = 18  I need to hunt and find the card with 18 on it.

When I find the card with 18 on it I can see the letter T. I will then write 'T' on my sheet. I will reveal the hidden phrase tomorrow. 

Harder Challenge if you think the multiplication questions above are too easy - Look at the multiplication wheels below and see how long it takes you to calculate all the missing numbers. 

This is what a completed wheel looks like -


Weekly RE Activity: The Parable of the Sower

Watch 1 minute only of the following video: 

Jesus told this parable to try and explain how people behaved when they heard his advice on how to live in a good Christian way.

Click on the PDF below to find out the activity linked to this parable.