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Thursday 4th June

Hello Wrens



Today we have some more activities to practise our Phase 3 sounds.  Please see the sheet below.

Year 1.

Today we are going to looking at the u grapheme which can be make the ew/ue sound or the short u sound.  See below for the activities.



Yesterday we were learning about solid 3D shapes and we went on a hunt around the house to find some.  Have a go at the powerpoint quiz attached below to see if you can remember the names of some of them.

Today we are going to be looking at some of the properties of 3D shapes and why they are good for certain jobs.  You will need a selection of 3D shapes for these activities.   Building blocks are ideal if you have them or you can use everyday objects instead.

Activity 1 - let's see which 3D shapes stack the best.  Try building some towers with your 3D shapes.  Think about why some shapes work better than others.

Activity 2 - Which 3D shapes roll?  Build a ramp out of some wood or books and see which shapes will roll down the ramp.  Do all the shapes roll?  Why not?

Before you start each activity look at each shape carefully and make a prediction as to what you think would happen.  There are some sheets below for you to use.  There are also some challenge questions for you to complete if you would like to.


Mickey Thompson and Purvis really enjoyed this activity.  Mickey Thompson fell over in all the excitement!

Year 1.

Today we are going to be learning about finding a half of objects and shapes.  To find a half we need to split something into 2 equal parts.  We write a half as 1/2 - one part out of two parts.  Watch the video below to find out more.  Then there are some fluency questions and challenge activities attached below.




Yesterday we learnt a little bit about how our bodies work and that we can help keep our bodies fit and healthy by exercising regularly.

When we exercise our bodies change because of the work they are doing.  Try the 5 minute exercise routine with Joe Wicks below.  What do you notice about your body at the end compared to when you started?



The reason we are out of breath, sweaty, our hearts are beating faster and legs are aching is because our bodies have been working hard when we are exercising.

Now for the science!

When we exercise we use our muscles to move our bodies.  Our muscles use oxygen in the air we breathe to work.  We have to breathe faster to get more oxygen into our body.  The oxygen is carried in our blood to our muscles.  The heart pumps the blood around our body and has to work harder so the oxygen can get to our muscles quicker.  This is why we can feel our hearts beating faster.   Our legs begin to ache because the muscles are getting tired.  We also get hotter from all the work our body is doing.  Our body then produces sweat to cool us down. Our bodies truly are amazing things!

Now it's your turn to do some exercise.   You can either have a go at some more workouts by Joe (there's lots on Youtube) or design your own races or obstacle courses outside.  Alternatively you could have a go at your favourite sport.  Head over to the PE page using the link below for some more inspiration!   

Sports - keeping active during lockdown

Mickey Thompson and Purvis had lots of fun making obstacle courses for each other. They came up with some very tricky obstacles!



Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)