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Thursday 30th April

Phonics:  Open up the powerpoint below then find a person in your house to play against. Take it in turns to choose which sentence uses an apostrophe for possession correctly. If a team choose correctly, they get a point. If they choose incorrectly, the other team gets a point. 

Spellings: Colourful words - Write each of your spelling words using your best joined up handwriting. Write them out again but this time write each letter using a different colour and try making your letters very fancy.

English: Now we have managed to get the woolly mammoth into the bath tub it is time to wash his hair! Read the extract from the book.

Instead of a woolly mammoth I have managed to get Monty into the bath.

 I want to see how creative with hair styles you can be. Can you draw your own illustrations and create new hair styles for Monty? Remember to give them a name like the examples from the book.  

Maths: Four operations using length



Activity:  Click on the questions below.

Geography: Last week we learnt about the UK. This week we are learning about France - its characteristics and landmarks, including an introduction to the wider continent of Europe. Emile was teaching us French words, I wonder how many you can remember?

PE Dance: In science we are learning about plants and as the weather has been a bit wet this week I have found an indoor dance about plants that you might like to have a go at. Click on this link to the BBC and create your own moves to the theme - Plants on the Move.