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Thursday 2nd July

Spellings: Common Exception Words and Suffix Spelling groups.

English: Today I would like you to turn your Superhero Story into a comic strip. Click on the link below to learn more about comics.

Here is a comic story about Superman so you can see how a comic strip is presented.

To create your comic strip you can either draw out your story or have a go at using an online app. I have uploaded a PDF below which has different shaped panels and gutters which you can use. Just be aware there are 26 pages on the PDF so select which page(s) you would like before printing! 

If you would prefer to try an online app I have found a couple of education ones below, or you might know different apps which you wish to use. If you are going to work online then please ask an adult to help you as they will need to be downloaded onto a suitable device. 

Comic Life - (There is a free trial)

Super Hero Comic Book Maker - Apple App (free) 

As this is going to take some time I am allocating today, tomorrow and Monday 6th July to work on this piece of English, so take your time and do a little bit each day. I look forward to reading your comic Superhero Rescue stories once they are completed. 

 Monty's off again to save the world!

Maths: Today I would like you to make a tally chart and collect your own data. You can collect data about anything. Some examples are counting the  different types of plants/ trees in your garden, looking at your family members and recording different eye colours, favourite foods, drinks, colours (anything!). If you live near a busy road you could conduct a traffic survey and count the different vehicles that go past. You will need to collect enough data to turn it into a graph tomorrow so if you don't think you will collect enough by any of the examples above (or thinking of your own) then you could try rolling a dice and making a tally of which number it lands on, or open up a packet of sweets such as smarties, skittles and count the different colours or you might want to set 1 minute challenges and see how many jumps, catching a ball, shuttle runs etc you can complete in each minute and record the answers. 

Draw a chart like this one in your home learning book to record your results.

Object Tally Frequency

PE: Try listening to the story and following the yoga actions. I've put some different stories for you to choose  from. There are lots more available online if you want to look for a different story. Happy Stretching.  










 Monty is ready for his yoga.