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Thursday 2nd July


Today's lesson is all about expanded noun phrases and how these are used in poetry. You'll get the chance to practice some of these so that you're ready to write your poem. Be sure to click the correct link to your work below. 




Spelling: Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite's English group

Please ask someone at home to test you on last week's spellings. You will find your new spellings in your files on J2e. You can also practise your spellings on J2Blast. Check which ones have been shared with you to make sure you are selecting the correct ones!



Miss Hughes’ group: L.O. To complete consolidation work on statistics

Today’s task is covering our statistics work. You will be answering questions about reading and using pictograms, bar charts and tables. Look carefully at the scales so you are reading the numbers correctly. Don’t rush and try your best :)


Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group: L.O. To complete consolidation work on decimals

Today’s task is covering our decimals work. You will be answering questions on recognising tenths and hundredths, writing tenths and hundredths as decimals, putting tenths and hundredths on a number line, dividing 1 and 2 digits by 10 and 100 and putting hundredths on a place value grid. Our whole decimal topic needed you to have a place value grid next to you all the time, use it wisely with today’s work!

I must apologise for the fractions work yesterday. It was very hard and the wording made it far more complicated than it needed to be. Please don't worry if you (or your parents!) found it difficult, we will be going over this fraction work again in the next academic year. I am giving you a virtual treat for trying your best!



Computing L.O.: To create digital art

I loved the Mondrian style digital art I was sent last week. Thank you to those of you who shared it with me. This week you will be looking at cubism, in particular an artist called Pablo Picasso. This type of art will allow you to use your creativity more than last week. You will need to have your imaginations switched on and maybe think outside of the box when producing your masterpieces!

I have attached your instructions below. Enjoy, be creative and have fun!