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Thursday 2nd April

Hello Wrens

How are you all?   Have you seen the photographs of the chicks that have hatched at Mr Turvey's house?  They are very sweet.

Unfortunately we were still experiencing problems with the audio files so I have attached some videos of me reading in the Easter story in my rather chilly garden so you can complete your RE task for this week. They are on the main Wrens home learning page.

The next instalment of The Clumsies is also on the stories page so you can find out what happens to Mickey Thompson and Purvis.

They have been busy today making an Easter garden,  Below are some photographs of their progress - they were very proud of the end result!

MathsPiggy Bank With Coins ยท Free Stock Photo

In maths today warm up by asking your grown up to put some coins in a bag where you can't see them.

Then ask them to pull them out one at a time and describe them to you. 

Can you guess what each coin is?

Next have a go at making 5p and 10p using different coins.  How many different ways can you make each amount?

Teaching tip - If your child is confident you can extend this activity.  Understanding and being able to use money is (like telling the time) a skill that needs lots of practise.  Unfortunately in our increasingly cashless society our children now have less exposure to coins and notes so they are less familiar with them.

Please complete the money worksheets attached. They are clearly labelled for each year group.  If you are in Year 1 please complete the fluency activities first before having a go at the reasoning activities. 

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot